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  1. Website Administrator says

    From Jenn Carter:

    It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a message on here…way too long. You’ve been on my mind a lot recently, Sara. Things have been very rough, as well as rather depressing for me lately. But out of the blue, my thoughts turn to you! It’s as if you’re reminding me that things can always be worse than they are, and that there are others in this world who are far less fortunate than myself. Even though you have left us in body, your spirit lives on. So, I thank you Sara, for the humbling reminders that you continue to bless me with at times when I need it most!
    Fly high, Angel Girl! 💕

  2. I think of Sara every day. I’ve thought about posting here for some time now but I am finally actually being brave enough to do it. I was actually the one to find Sara that horrific day. 🙁 she was such a great person.

  3. Thinking of Sara today. My love to Jane, Reid, and Erica. I no longer have a facebook account and have a new email address, so, if you want to contact me, I am at

  4. staceytategill says

    I dreamt of Sara last night. I know it is said that a dream story line that seems like a movie really was only moments long; moments or hours, it was lovely. We explored a hybrid area of her old home in Ridgewood and her parents’ home in Shelburne and somewhere that I assume was Shelburne Farms. We were adults, but acted like our silly 10 year old self’s. Erica and my sister Brooke were there, giggling, as they did during our pre-school playtime during our Orchard School days. My dream skipped to adulthood, and while the details are vague, I remember the end: I was sitting in a meadow at Shelburne Farms, with my two year old daughter looking at the clouds and listening to the birdies when a sweet and beautiful voice danced along the breeze and caught my ear; it sounded like Sara.

    During a recent visit to Vermont, I took my little one to Shelburne Farms for the first time. As she eagerly pulled my arm towards the outdoor area with the chickens, a picture of a beautiful and familiar face caught my eye: Sara. How special that she can watch over the beautiful lands and enjoy seeing the children find joy in things that made her happy as well. I lifted my little daughter up so she could see Sara too; she touched her face and said “Mommy, dat girl so nice!” ~ Indeed she was my sweetheart, indeed she was…

    Sending love and light to the Grayson family. I hope your precious Grandchildren fill your lives with joy and your hearts with love.

  5. Happy birthday, Sara. You would have been 37 today. I can only imagine what an amazing woman you would have been. I still think of you so often and about our teen years together. You left quite a mark on me and on everyone around you. Peace, Lissa.

  6. Its really weird that Sara popped into my mind. I was the president of the all-male A Capella group Voicemale at Brandeis and we both graduated the same year. What an amazing and kind person she was. I just felt sad and thought of her so I thought I would share. Nathan

  7. I don’t know why Sara came into my mind tonight but I found myself singing one of her UTO songs and when I realized it was hers I could hear her voice so clearly. Sending love to Sara, her family and friends.

  8. For some reason I searched this site out today. Nice to see pictures of her again. Sending prayers and thoughts out to her memory and spirit.

  9. Jane Grayson says

    We hope you like our new website for Sara. We miss our Sara so much. She would be 35 now.

  10. Sara, you are one of my two guardien angels. I’d jump out an airplane into your arms in a heartbeat like I did last summer into my other guardien angel’s arms last summer, her name is Luara. Funny, I feel your arms around me tonite. God has been too good to me Sara, you and Luara, many others have shown me that! We all love you, Kevin.

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